Hey thanks for checking out my bio. It tells me you really dig my show or (and much more likely) have far too much time on your hands. Some of my hobbies include playing sports, (I like anything) reading, and defying gravity. I don't believe in destiny or horoscopes. I think it's just an excuse not to make tough decisions that directly affect you.
Here's a few of my favorites:

Favorite Book: By far, the Chronicle's of Thomas Covenant.
"Fear not for there is yet still hope in the world."
A poem to live by: Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"
Words to live by... Confuscious say, "It impossible to fail at something if you give it your absolute 100% best. Unless you a schmuck. Then you get whatever coming to you."
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Mom gives birth to baby in car and husband VIDEOTAPES it!
Posted by Mike Merlin on 7/21/2015 9:13:00 AM.
Holy crap! 

This story represents the BEST and WORST of humanity all in one
Posted by Mike Merlin on 7/20/2015 2:44:00 PM.
Phillipe Bittar rushed to an elderly woman's aid as her car was about to burst in flames while others VIDEOTAPED it on their phones. Just disgusting. Check out the full story here

UPS Driver gets fired for kicking a dog in the face
Posted by Mike Merlin on 7/10/2015 10:56:00 AM.
So this guy was fired for kicking this dog in the face. Looks like the dog is running at him pretty aggressively. Maybe next time he should try doggie treats instead. 

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