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Pete Nichols has been on i 98.3 for over 20 years! Pete started in radio back in the 70s, before radio Pete was in improv theatre, as well as punk rock in the group "Junkrock" in New York in the eary 80s. Since radio was always in Pete's life he was drawn to an interhjdgrsg....... ok most people have stoped reading this bio by now, like who cares? You know you can say anything by this point in a web bio like  "Pete kept live kangroos in his pocket on weekends. See I'll bet nobody has read this far, but if you are reading this,  great  just do not tell Mike Merlin about this bio thing. He thinks I actually wrote a serious bio and took time to use smell check...
Now I have to end this because the boss only reads the frirst few and last few lines.
 ...so after recieving the Nobel prize in body sound making Pete was hired to do the breakfast club here at i98.3! 

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CUTE: Baby tiger tries to Roar
Posted by Pete Nichols on 10/7/2013 10:21:00 AM.

Another classy moment from the Breakfast Club
Posted by Pete Nichols on 6/25/2013 3:18:00 PM.